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Say Goodbye to 2021

Dec 10, 2021

In this week's episode Debbie and Bertie as we share our top tips for saying goodbye to the year and reviewing our successes and failures!

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Bertie: Good morning, Debbie, you happy Friday. Happy

Debbie: Friday. I'm echo-y can you hear me twice or is it just me? I'm very lucky not to have to have me in stereo. And that has gone away now. Uh, this is it. This is like the penultimate Friday.

Bertie: I looked at word that was going to use that word is it's the penultimate Friday today.

Fun-size live and it called the [email protected]'s, but a year since we called it that anyway, thank you very much for watching, joining us

Debbie: today, listening in our ASC. Yeah, we're almost at the end of 2021. Aren't we are you finishing next Friday? I'm finishing next Friday.

Bertie: I'm finishing, I think the Tuesday after, and then I'm done.

I'm done for the year a little bit more than, you

Debbie: know, I'm like, I'm done. Solid line. I'm like, no, no, no, that's it. I'm having time off. And then I, in my head, I thought everybody finishes on Friday the 17th, and then I keep talking to people and they're still working and I'm like, what?

Bertie: Uh, on the Tuesday. So I just thought I'll extend it over.

I'm not going to be getting much out of the Monday, the Tuesday.

Debbie: Fair enough. Fair enough. So we're going to talk about like, Saying goodbye to 2021. What we've learned in 2021.

Bertie: Yeah, because I think it's very, yeah, this is what we're just coming to the end of this, I think last, last week, it's very easy to close a year and almost just think, ah, fuck it.

It's like Christmas Eve. Let's forget about it. And then start again. And I think there's a few steps you can take now. Being kind to your future self. So that actually when you start in January, you're going to hit the ground running and it's not different. It's not a difficult exercise said, that's what we should talk about today, where we are, because it's there in writing a lot below is C.

Debbie: Okay. Okay. I like this idea of being kind to yourself. Yeah. Cause I think sometimes you're like, oh my God, I just, I just want to finish. I want to get to the end of that, like finish line, you know, you're running it. You can feel like running a marathon by the end of it. I just need to have a break, get to the end of it.

Um, but maybe there's some things that you want to do before you just push it all away and crash and burn and kind of highlight and audit. And

Bertie: an audit always sounds a little bit formal, but I do like the word review. So I think Ewing, I think audit with you, it's all the same thing, but yeah, I think to review what we've done over the past 12.

And I understand what's worked. What hasn't, what have we enjoyed? What have we hated? And just being really brutally honest with ourselves. I think the first thing you've got to do is actually take some time out of your business to do this. So for example, if you are planning to finish. Uh, I dunno on the 17th maybe to have, I'm not saying this directly to you, but maybe take the day, the Monday to just do this review and actually just look at things.

So you actually finished things all, all nicely wrapped it all up because I guarantee there will be things that you will be doing on a daily or a weekly basis that people you don't need to do. And maybe there's a few of the things that you've wanted to do and you haven't had the time or thought you haven't had the time to do them.

So being really honest actually saying, well, this is what I spent my time on. Maybe it wasn't the best use of my time is a really good thing. And then you have a few problems. But you you're free to tackle them in the following year. What do you think, dude? Our, yeah.

Debbie: So my last day, Friday, the 17th actually ends with my call with you and then there's nothing in the diary.

So I'm going to use that day, the last day, Friday, the 17th to do that. And one of the things I'm definitely going to do better is get to inbox zero inbox. 'cause, I don't want to carry all of those emails into the next year and then be like, ah, so I'm just going to like set my set. I'm going to put, maybe put some rave music on set myself a timer and just be like, right.

I'm just going to get through these emails. And I either delete them because they've been there for ages. So do I need them read the things that I need to read? Just get rid of them and action them because that's like a wait, I don't want to bring it to the next year. So that could be a bit of decluttering as well.

I think around that. Um, Oh, well, I want to start on a clean

Bertie: slate plates while I was just going to take the time to promote my inbox arrow course, which is available on my website. When he created a thing he's a Bergen, like go and buy that that'll help you get to inbox zero. If you're watching, I'll put the link in the comments.

Debbie: Yeah. Perfect. Yeah, definitely 20 pounds for peace of mind and a clean slate. That is amazing value. Isn't it? That's definitely something that I would advise to everybody does because you don't want to go into the next year sort of. Unfinished business. No, absolutely not. We don't want the unfinished business.

And I think also, um, one of the things I think is really nice to do that I do is I look through my calendar, like my Google calendar and I pick one good thing from each at least one good thing from each month that's happened. And I find that really interesting. Yes. Quite a long time, and you completely forget what you were doing in March.

Like what was he doing in much? I've got no idea and just kind of going through and going, oh, there's the progressions, there's the things that I've done. Oh, there's the meetings I've attended to or different networking things and just get like a sense of the year, because I think what w what you really want to do is go into the next year, doubling down on what's worked.

So what has worked and what hasn't worked.

Bertie: Exactly. And it's the perfect time to do it because we all have it. You know, generally I think, especially when we work for ourselves, we have a bit of time off over Christmas to just to just think about all of this stuff. So if we can just round all that up just to review and look at the good stuff as well.

And I think yet your idea though, of actually going through your calendar and finding out. You know that the highlights almost creating your highlight reel. Whoa, it's a really good exercise because sell it cause it's very easy to like when you work for yourself, especially if there's no one there to pat you on the back or tell you to do the job.

So doing that yourself is a really good practice to get into. There's a very big difference between, you know, bracking and recognizing your success. Right. And I think recognizing your success very, very important. So do that, give yourself a pat on the back, actually look and think. Do you know what in March, this that's fucking amazing.

I'm going to go and buy myself a bottle of champagne. Oh, yeah. Celebrating these successes is an important part of this review slash audit process. Yeah. 'cause

Debbie: I think often we're creating goals and they're all about looking forward. And if you really go driven, you can end up getting in a cycle where you're always just looking to the future and really reminding yourself of what you haven't yet done or what you haven't yet got to, I think, doing a review or an audit and they wish you to go, actually, I have done.

Oh, I am good. I do work hard and I think we need both. We need the goals to push us forward, but we need to feel good for ourselves to get that momentum. So I always find that fascinating cause I, I haven't done it yet, but there's literally things I'm like, oh yeah, I did that thing. Oh my God. I met that person and yeah, I think that's really important.

I was thinking about like, ah, things that we've learned. And I think one of the number one things that's come out of 2021 for me personally, is this idea of collaborating with people that's been like massive for me, like doing this with you, doing the stuff with ma doing the podcast with Amy actually.

Collaborations when you are a solo entrepreneur is kind of a great thing, isn't it? Because you're able to do, you can share the workload. It adds a bit of joy and a bit of fun back in stuff. I think for me, that's been the best thing out of this year.

Bertie: Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I think a very similar thing, actually, what I've approved reflecting on, especially in the last couple of weeks, I've realized that it's something that, you know, you kind of take for granted the world's a lot bigger than what you think it is.

Like just getting out. Speaking to me, I think it's very easy to think. Like if you launch something like, oh, you know, my email list or my audience or whatever, you know, won't buy that. Or maybe like, I think we can create these very small biases, like, you know, heads that, that stuff is trying things.

Whereas actually I've met some really cool, interesting people just by going out there and just speaking to more people and just going to different events, et cetera. And I forgotten I'd forgotten that. Many interesting people there are in the world. I think when you've been working on your own and just working in a silo and just talking to a screen a lot, I mean, you don't have to physically get out.

I mean, you know, we're, we're, we're now being told not to go out again, aren't we, you know, a whole different kettle of fish, but you know, there are, there are ways to do it, you know, there's, there's the social media. Actually interacting and, um, talking to more people. So I think that's a big thing for me next year, just to actually get out there more and just make more connections because the more people you meet, the more people you meet, the more collaborations and more opportunities.

But even just this week, just having a conversation just about the stuff that I do has really just opened doors. I just think why don't I do that more? So that's one of my review points. When I actually look at the stuff. It makes my boat go faster, makes my business move forward. It is just speaking to people and being myself because some people do generally like me and then want to work with me, but unless I'm putting myself out there to do it, they never actually get to know who I am.

So that's been an important thing for me. Yeah.

Debbie: I love that. So 20, 22 is the year of getting out there and meeting.

Bertie: Yeah, exactly. I'm going to be like dog shit in the eighties. I'm going to be everywhere. It'd be Debbie.

Debbie: We were even talking weren't. We about having an event where we had a business fun-size party that we put together.

And I think there is a massive appetite after these two years of semi lockdowns, not lockdowns, doing things we love online. Zoom is great, but that actual meeting people in real life. Kind of, yeah, you can't Trump that can you, there's something special when you actually meet people. And I think there's going to be a lot of hunger for that next year.

So yeah. Come and hang out with us or

Bertie: we're going to have,

Debbie: we'll have a party or meet people in your own area. And I think, yeah, just stepping out and I think sometimes I've spoken to people in their, like, they've almost got a little bit scared of going out and a little bit institutionalized and a little bit too used to being behind the desk and the computer.

And I think we need to remind ourselves of how wonderful, like you said, there's loads of interesting

Bertie: people out there. There is. Yeah, there is. And the world is just a lot bigger, I think sometimes than what, what we, what we remember that it is, isn't it just to, just to stay in your own bubble. Like if you go to networking events, you can stay within your own little clicks.

Sometimes just step it out. But yes, it's uncomfortable and it's a little bit awkward, but you're only there for an hour. Like meet some new people. That's the big thing for me. Um, what's the word ex extroverted. Sometimes I am the, I have those things at networking events as well. I'll get there and just think, oh, can't be bothered today.

I don't really want to do people and I'll just stand in a corner and chat and make jokes with the people that I like. And then there's this world of opportunity sometimes that I'm missing. So that, that has definitely been a big learning. Just stepping outside, speaking to more people is really, really important.

Debbie: Well, let's end that this fabulous conversation on that.

Bertie: Just as part of the review process, just saying goodbye, let you know, we've reviewed. And that just wants to save it's. The last thing is plan. So just have a plan for next year. And then sometimes when you say the word plan, people just scribble up and hide inside and think, no, it's all too complicated. It can just be a rough guide.

Just get some big piece of paper or use Trello, or just draw on some thing and just map out, like, what do you want your year to look like? What do you want your months to look like? What do you want your life to look like? And then you can just start to plan that out a little bit better. And the thing that goes with a plan, you've got to have some trust in it as well.

So if you're actually writing out yourself a plan, then trust that it's going to work. Try it, try it for a few months and see what happens. The thing that I've never seen a plan yet, they've you come for 12 months, he gets 12 months and everything goes to plan. It all goes to shit after a few months, but constantly look at it and review, and that's really important.

And this is the trick with plans. Like people think that they have to have everything mapped out for 12 months. Oh, let's just make it up as we go along. Right. So plan some stuff out, but at least have a plan. And if that plan works amazing, double down, if it doesn't work, then it just sticks. And if you want some help with this, that's what I do.

That's what we do. Get in touch with these rivers. So,

Debbie: and I'm running a planning workshop with them actually in the knee. It's with. Get in touch next week. Cause it's the last one of the year. Got a nice drawing exercise to kind of plan out your year. So I'm going to bring that and talk people through that.

Cause I think sometimes you just like draw it out on a piece of paper. What does that mean? So I'm going to give people a template.

Bertie: Fantastic. Brilliant templates. Yeah.

Debbie: Like, like next year, love it.

Bertie: So do you go, I will see you next Friday for the final episode of 2021. Should we wear party hats? Yes. That's all this offline anyway.

Yes. Thanks for watching. Amazing. See you later. Love you all. Bye-bye.



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