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Planning for Success in 2022

Dec 17, 2021

Come and join @bertiecord & @debbiedooodah as we peer into 2022 and start planning for success. Plus Debbie share a tool for getting focused on where you want to be and what you need to do to get there! 




Bertie: [00:00:00] But we're live, we are alive and you've got your pages. 

Debbie: I Know, check me out. See, just at the last hurdle, I get my shit together. 

Bertie: The last day of 2021,

Debbie: I finally know what I'm doing, this is good. And that means I'm going to be heading into 2022, knowing what I'm 

Bertie: Which is what we all should be doing.

That's the whole purpose of these last couple of lives. 

Debbie: Isn't it. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. We should just call it, getting our shit togtether. 

Bertie: Yeah, that's it. That would have been a far better title. Why would we, it's more us as well. Isn't it?

Debbie: Getting your shit together? How are you doing Bertie? It is the end of the year.

This is our final. 2021 

Bertie: is there's almost a tear in my eye Debbie. The last time I'm going to see your face until 2022, 

Debbie: It won't have changed much. It'll be 

Bertie: Mine will be the same too. 

Debbie: Yeah, exactly. Maybe a bit more cragky who knows, who knows what's going to happen over the next two weeks? [00:01:00] 

Bertie: Yeah, that will be like inflate a little bit after the Christmas, a Christmas stuffing that I always go through 

Debbie: The stuffing of Christmas. 

Bertie: Yeah. Well the stuffing of me over Christmas, it's like a guaranteed stone when easily Christmas day sources. 

Debbie: Okay. Well on that, well, maybe you can use my lovely tools for your. You know how health goals as well? Interestingly, I last you've just reminded me that last week.

I promise I was going to share it at all that I use 

Bertie: what we're talking about. 

Debbie: Where's your little finger, press the button.

Planning for success, planning for success. 

I wanted to share a really simple tool with you that I use, and I didn't make the tool up. I saw it in a Ted lecture. I cannot remember the lovely lady, um, who, uh, [00:02:00] Kind of introduced it to me, fir of all, but I've seen a couple of people use it and I like it for its simplicity, because I think sometimes we can get a bit over whelmed with all the things that we do.

So I'm going to show you this tool, and I'm also gonna describe it for people who are listening on the podcast. So essentially you get a, uh, a four piece of paper and you draw on the left side. And the right side two rectangles. And so you have the piece of paper landscape, and between those two rectangles, you draw three big arrows.

So you've got a rectangle on the left, a rectangle on the right and in the space in between, you've got three big arrows and essentially this tool is to help you think, where am I now? Where do I want to get to? And what are the three things I need to do that are going to get me there fastest? So essentially what you do is once you've drawn out your rectangles and your arrows is in the box on the left, just have to check my left and right [00:03:00] there.

It's amazing. Isn't it? How you can be 42 and still not quite sure which is left and right. Come on brain. You can do it on the, in the left-hand column. You kind of draw where you are now. So maybe you're feeling okay. Maybe you're feeling frustrated and stuck. Maybe you're feeling confused, whatever that is.

And pictorially, what that looks like for you. It doesn't, you don't have to be a good artist at this because I'm certainly not. So mine always looked like weird, um, stick figures sort of in, in odd positions. So just draw whatever. Uh, where you are now, how you feel now and the sense that you have in your business, really, and the emotions that come out of that.

And then in the far rectangle and the right-hand side, you draw a picture of what Nirvana looks like when your business is going really well. When you've got lots of clients, when the money is coming in, like maybe you've got a book deal, maybe you're speaking on stages. Like what would good look like to you?

And where do you want to take your. Um, too, [00:04:00] and there's supposed to be some magic or scientific evidence that when we draw things out, it kind of starts activating like a different part of our brain. Then when we're writing kind of in a, you know, business spreadsheety type way, a business plan, you're kind of starting to activate a different part of your brain.

That starts being a bit more innovative and imagining things is this some kind of scientific magic that happens when we draw. And then essentially what you're going to do is you're going to go, well, here I am. On the left side, this is where I'm now on the right side is where I want to get to what three things are going to get me from here to here.

And you can only have three things. And so it makes you start to be really concisive. There were millions of things that you could be doing, but what are the three top things that are actually going to move the needle and get you from where you are now? To where you want to be. And so I love doing this tool and I essentially do one, I stick it up.

I do those three things. I rip it [00:05:00] up, I do another one, I do the next three things. And that kind of just enables me to keep that focus, um, of where I want to take my business and what's going to grow it or give me more time or whatever, you know, I feel like I need at that point. And I, and I just love the tool for its simplicity.

Where'd you want to be well, three things are going to get you there. 

Bertie: I think that's it, we've spoke before about the whole, like concepts of what will make the boat go faster. And those things, I think this is it. I think it's very easy to, over-complicate a lot of these, um, like when you, when you're planning, because you know, we all have big aspirations, but a lot of us have big aspirations and it's like, sometimes these things can be overwhelming, but a lot of the time it's just very simple changes.

That you need to make, and it can just be a few things that just, just need to change. And I'm a big believer of trying to get rid of this concept of, well, I'll start this next year or I'll start this next week or I'll start my diet on Monday. It's like, why not just start it now? [00:06:00] Because a lot of those simple changes that you'll need to, like, if you think of what your successful business looks like or what your successful life image of yourself looks like, it's probably not that much different to where you are now is just simple changes that you need to make.

And if you were making those changes now, With time and consistency, then those things actually will start to start to get traction and take effect. Yeah. So there's not generally, that is not drastic changes that need to be made a lot of the time. It's just simple things. I think that's the, that's the thing with planning.

We can over-complicate this it becomes this huge monster and then you just think, fuck it. Now I'll just carry on. I'll play safe and I'll stay in my comfort zone. Whereas, you know, if you wanted to lose weight, then you start maybe counting your calories and making sure you stuck to that that calorie target for six months, that of six months, if you did that, of course you have gone to, you know, get the body that you want because it's, you know, the science of the is that it's the same with, you know, spending too much money or not doing the things in your business.

Like if you want to be [00:07:00] posting on social media more than just do it every day or every other day or whatever, and then those things will gain traction. So it's just simple things. So there's habits can start being formed today. So those three things that you say, are they like, like daily habits?

Would you would say that you would start implementing now? 

Debbie: Well, it could be, it could be things like, okay. So I want to, I don't know. I want to grow this service or get more customers to the service. So it could be, for example, I'm going to reach out to one new person a week. Okay. So that could be, you know, every week I'm going to make sure that I connect with one person.

I don't know, and introduce myself and say who I am, or that could be one a day. It could be. As big as I need a new website, which is, you know, a big task. And I think if then you put these big tasks on, then it's about, okay, how do I break that big tasks down into small tasks? So weirdly I've got a queen of over thinking.

So it could be, it could be something big, like redesigning your website, or it could be something like, I'm just going to [00:08:00] reach out to one extra person or. You know, so I think where the depends on what you think is going to get you from there to that. But my advice then if they are big tasks, like, oh, I'm going to redesign my entire website.

It's like, well, then start breaking that task down. Yes on here might be two quite big tasks. And you're like, well, they're nice. They're sat there. I'm looking at them, but what are the, what are the everyday tasks that are going to get me there? And I think just breaking that down to its kind of incremental steps and like you've kind of hinted that it's like, if you do one, if you start making those small steps, eventually they make a big.

Incremental rise and growth and revenue and contacts, but it's, it's just doing that one foot in front of the other thing. Isn't it. And being really clear on where you want to get. I think that's, that's part of this. It's like, actually, where do you want to get to? So it might be small things, those small daily habits, [00:09:00] it might be like posting on social media three times a week.

Um, but it might be big, massive things as well. So it's really depends on, on you and what you think you need to do to grow your. 

Bertie: Yeah, that's exactly right. There's always going to be bottlenecks in your, in your process for your business and just figuring out what they are, and then taking steps to overcome them.

Being really honest with yourself. What is slow me down, what could help me get to that next? And a lot of the time, we don't know what that thing is going to be, but actually just trying something and testing it and measuring it and actually seeing, you know, just that work over the period of months does posting on social media every day, actually bring more emails into my email funnel, for example.

And, um, and then seeing like when I work with clients and it's probably the same with UWF, I don't have a. Like there is no silver bullet. Like I, I'm never one of these people that come and work with me and you'll have six figures by the weekend. Like it's just not going to happen. However, what I will do is I'll [00:10:00] help you identify what the problems are and help you and hold you accountable to this process.

So you can actually then start to, uh, start to work on yourself and work on the things that need. Working on and actually like what's working, what's not, and then slowly get that process because then the things, those good habits that do get traction in three months, time, they'll become business as usual.

It's part of more business that you'll do without thinking, but you'll be testing to new things and then that traction will start to go and your business will start to grow. So just planning and this, like taking some time out to identify, what's been working in your business, what's not been working.

What do you procrastinate on all of those things and that. Just posting and a small plan, just even if it's just for the first month for January, for the first quarter, and really going to help you see, you don't have to have all the answers. You don't have to have all the answers right now. 

Debbie: You don't have to have all the answers right now, but it is.

Yeah. Like you said that so many times, but I think that's really true is [00:11:00] that people sometimes wait until they feel like they have all the answers before they make that first step. And it's like you said, just start now. Just do something, just do something now today. Um, and also drawing. It is, 

Bertie: I'll just drop them all now, but there got 

Debbie: petty drama.

Good, good, good, good, good. Um, yeah. Is that, are we done? Are we done? 

Bertie: I think it's only 21. Debbie. 

Debbie: I think, I think I just wanted to say is that while it's great, looking forward, listen to the, um, Live that we did last week, where we were talking about reviewing and my favorite word auditing, because actually it's all about learning what works and kind of what you alluded to was you could put in here posts on social media every week or every day.

That's a lot of effort, make sure that you're measuring whether it works or not, because it might not actually be the thing that will get you from there to that. It might feel like it's the thing. And so you're [00:12:00] constantly measuring testing, reviewing, changing, adapting, um, Um, you know, learning as you go, I think is the main thing.


Bertie: Yeah. And that's what we're talking about last week. It's all about reviewing what you're actually doing right now because this whole busy, full scenario affects so many people. So like how many people do you speak to? I'm so busy, I'm doing this, I'm doing that. So that will, how is your business, how it shares?

Like this is rock bottom right now. So all of these things that people are spending their time on. On actually moving the business forward a lot of the time. It's, it's just taking the time to say, well, yeah, the yellow pages analogy, right. You know, like the amount of people that used to advertise a yellow pages just blindly because they just thought that they should.

And because they'd always done it, no one ever took the time say, does this actually ever, we ever asked, how did you hear about me yellow pages? No, of course not because no one ever picks up that big fucking buck anymore. Like, it's just, there's a lot of stuff that you might be doing now that you can.

With the new [00:13:00] world, the world's changing and let's actually figure out how to grow your business. And if you as always, if you need advice, Debbie's door is always open. And so he's mine too. So, so just watch these lives or whatever, but you can do it anyway. Like this it's all there for the taking. So I hope you're excited about 20, 22, we've had a shit couple of years, 2022 has going to be fucking exciting.

Are you ready?

Debbie: Yes. Yes, please. Yes, please. For 2022, that's good. Come on, come on. Wild. We can do it together. We'll survive. 

Bertie: I'm confident. I'm confident in what's that be for showing up joining as on these wonderful lives every week podcast. Thank you for listening. And I will see you in 2020. We might even still have that party if Boris allows us, but let's, let's see.

We'll just hold up on that one. 

Debbie: Just pause. We can pause it. It's it's it's an idea. That's there. That will be [00:14:00] done. We 

Bertie: will do it. We're going to do a policy. Definitely. It's not an F it's a win. Yes. Yes, that's right. Okay. Thank you. And happy Christmas, Leticia. Thanks everyone for watching. Take care. Bye.

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