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Creating Videos for Social Media

Aug 13, 2021

Video is massive! Want to promote your business? Pretty much every social media platform is investing heavily in video and promoting those businesses that use these new tools in the newsfeed.

This week we're going to talk about creating videos for social media. We all know how important it is but it can be tricky to get started. So your Friday dream team are here to help 😄


Bertie: Hello. Hello.

Debbie: Good morning.

Bertie: Good morning. Good morning, Debbie. How are you? I'm

Debbie: good. I'm good. I'm excited about today's topic because I think we're talking about how to create video physician media, and I know. Their conversation we had at the beginning, I am doing the bare minimum to create video and you run a number of workshops and you do it in your group and you support people to create better videos.

So I'm excited to kind of almost sit back and be the student. But

Bertie: we need your input that it's not a one man show, is it?

Debbie: You're not going to be able to shut me up, but I'm here

Bertie: to listen. I was told we should meet the things that just.

So okay, so let's let, let's go then. So I suppose this is important if you've not created a video before. So the video, as we know, like in every single, like marketing presentation, when we could go to ones in real life, it was always CDO video video. So always been that up and coming thing. It's like, oh yeah, I should be creating video.

And I think now, and, you know, having the pandemic and everything, I think people are much more used to being on video. We've got used to having much more zoom. But still it's the number one thing that can really help it be transformative to your business. Right? Because it helps you connect. People can see what you're like as a real person.

You're not just hiding behind some words, you can just be yourself. So video is super important.

Debbie: Well, I think that's why it scares people because people like, I don't know if I want people to see my real self, where are they? I don't, you know, I think people are scared because they want it to be super polished and they don't want to make mistakes and they didn't want to kind of, I dunno, stutter or get their words wrong, or look silly and all of this stuff.

And so I think like, cause one of the things I lecture on is public speaking and I think video is probably. Around in that like fear of public speaking thing, like being visible, standing up kind of doing stuff live, you can't kind of practice or you can, but I feel like when people don't put those videos out, they just create more and more videos, but they're never kind of perfect.

And I think that fear of public speaking and that fear of going live or doing video it's kind of sits in the same kind of ballpark.

Bertie: Yeah. So in my video course that I run Angie, I'll put some links in there. If anyone wants to join that, I'm talking about video and content creation. It might get shit done club for the whole month of August.

So feel free if you want to join in join during the group, et cetera. But one of the first things that I talk about with creating video, in fact, let me just introduce, I am not a video editor, so I have no formal training in video and saying everything I have learned. Because I needed it for my business.

And that is very, very important. So if you go to someone with preconceived ideas about how to create video, they might say, you need this camera and this lens and whatever, because that's how they've been taught in the same way that if you talk to a designer about CAMBA, they will laugh at you like such a rubbish tool.

Real designers don't use canvas. I'm not redesigned. I'm creating content social mate. Right. So let's just get that and that clear. So. What or you don't need any of this this, this fancy stuff to begin. You just need your phone. That's it like that? There we go. Debbie, Debbie, Scott, we need Debbie's phone.

Any phone in the last five years. You can do, and you can use because like the camera quality on the phone is so good. So don't use your webcam and your computer because they're always terrible. Even the latest brand new ones you buy now. Terrible user camera, new family. So with yeah, with, with creating uniting video.

One of the things that it's you, when you're putting the first bit out, you just accept that it's going to be rubbish, right? Yes. Or equally. Okay. Nobody cares. Nobody's watching at this point. This is just the start of your journey. It's the baby steps. You've just got to get out there and begin because of.

If you showed me the first video that you did, and it was absolutely fucking amazing. And it's like, then you've not done enough beforehand. Right. As in what I mean is you could have started six months ago because if you've got it to that stage, it's so good. I'm blown away by your first year. Why didn't you start six months ago and put some rubbish to fat.

Yeah, because every time I'm not saying put out shit content at all, but I'm just saying like, don't is better than perfect. Get some stuff out there. And nobody cares. Every time you watch a video, it incrementally improves. We've been doing these videos, these 10 tens now for almost a year, I watched back because I was converting them to podcasts a couple of months ago that the first ones have, we were so awkward, we were so worried.

And it was just like, Well, it was done and it was out there and it worked. And if we hadn't have put that, those first ones back out there in September, 2020, we wouldn't be here now. So you have to start some way evolves. It gets better and nobody cares. Nobody cares. So that's the that's the first thing, the second thing I think, getting back to your bit about like, you know, what have I and all that stuff, when I do, like, I'm terrible for it and the tools you can use to sort all of this stuff out.

So we mentioned in the last weeks a tool called de script, I highly recommend the script. I have never found a little video editing tool as simple as this. So basically you upload the video to the script and it's. It will run on a windows or a Mac computer you uploads to the scripts and then what it does, it create a, almost like a word document version of it.

So you have your video there and you have your district version, all edited all in words. So you just edit the words and it edits the video. And there is a tool in there in the paid version. You can say select filler words. It will select all of your items are interesting. Okay. That's pretty

Debbie: good. If you are worried about the ends and the us to know that something out there that can just get rid of some really quickly.

Bertie: Yes, yes. Completely. So, so the, these things are that, see, if you are worried about all of that stuff, then there are tools out there that you can use. And the great thing with these scripts. So when I first created my first piece of video content, I sat there. With the phone sets of reference of me. And it took me all day.

It was a five minute video that took me three hours to record. Because every time I made a mistake, I would stop and I would press stop and then start the whole video again. That is not the most effective way of doing it. So now what I teach in my classes for that content, like this is you just put the video.

Started running. And if you mess up, you just take a pause and say that sentence again, because as we mentioned, you go back to D scripts and highlight it and just remove it. So that's the way so that's the way. So that's the, yes, that's the first one. That's the second thing. Really? You can, you can edit these videos.

And then once you've edited those videos, then it's just, you're just simply posting up. I mean, the, one of the things that I would say if you're posting videos is subtitles. Now you use of title, your videos. What do you, how do you go about it? Do doc?

Debbie: I just on Facebook, they just automatic. The subtitle and on Instagram that automatically subtitle as well.

So I've just checked the box that just says subtitle. So there's no magic alchemy going on that I just allow. That computer software to do it. And sometimes it does get it wrong. I'm in Facebook, you can go in and you can overwrite and edit the words. Although sometimes that conky, and that doesn't work either because we know that Facebook is a beast unto itself, but for me, I'm not so worried.

I'm a very done, not perfect person. So I don't mind if there's a few mistakes, cause it means that I can get stuff out there quick. And then can get on with my client work. But I know that there's lots of tools that I could use to smart and at that process.

Bertie: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, so subtitling is very, very important now.

I mean, it's like 18 90%, you know, videos just watch with the sound off, you know, everything like the place. If you watched the video content, it's like, it's, you don't have the sound on the most of the time. There's some of these really interesting. You might then flick the sound on or save it and watch it later.

So yeah, subtitle is really important. As Debbie says, you can use the auto tools. I personally tend to avoid those unless I absolutely have to because they always get mine. Always say some weird and wonderful thing. I have examples of like where people have introduced themselves on the, on the video. I just recorded a video and it said things like that.

We have one moment instead said, hello, my name's Helen. I'm a Nazi. And she didn't say that, you know, so you have to be really careful with these things. But

Debbie: my business name, Debbie DDA, I've had Facebook call me Debbie dog.

Bertie: Yeah, well, I like that.

Not quite so good. Yeah. So yes, you do have to be careful with auto subtypes. So, so going back to a tool like de script is as you're editing that video, you can also tidy up those subtitles as well, because yes, he doesn't get it. Perfect. But you can edit those words and then you can export. So you have a choice.

You can either burn the subtitles into the video. And what I mean by that is a little bit like what we've gotten to the screen here, where it says today, we're talking about creating video. That's burned in. You can't remove that. You can't toggle it on and off. Right. Whereas what you can also do is download a subtitle file.

So if we were going to put this on YouTube, for example, and this was just may a video of one of his talking, I wouldn't recommend the. They subtitles then, because it just annoys people, but you can upload the subtitle file and then people can turn them on and off themselves with a little CC button.

So that's so if you've got a subtitle file, again, you're not limited to the auto-generated subtitles and you can do that on Facebook as well as you can upload a perfect version of it. If you aren't like Debbie and don't want to be called Debbie dog air.

Debbie: The subtitles onto YouTube if you've made a YouTube video.

Bertie: Yeah, so, yeah, so, so yeah, that's the editing. I mean, there were other great tools as well in shot on your phone is a free tool. There is a small fee for the paid version. That's great for quick editing there's things like video, leap and stuff.

If you want to start putting effects on and doing crazy stuff where. You're like freeze frame and a disappearing, like all the tick tock time of things. Another really, really good web tool that I can recommend. And I've seen this startup's journey from the very beginning is called a So video video there's a small monthly fee, but that will upload subtitles.

You can put progress bars and all that other stuff, and that's fully web based. So if you're finding that you've got quite an old computer and you're struggling with something like DCIS. Video is a fantastic way of doing it because it's all browser based, not limited to the the software on your on your computer.

So I

Debbie: want it to just talk about one that's like been around for ages as well, but not everybody uses, which is boomer. Yeah, we didn't run that app that makes those videos, that kind of have that loopy thing going on. I, I was I spoke at a conference God, when we could do such things ridiculous so long ago, now that I've been out of my house it's COVID and before I spoke somebody from Facebook spoke and they told this story about a brand that makes spiralizes and they created a Facebook ad and they had a static image of the spiral of.

And they sold no, spiralizes the app tanked. It was terrible. They just wasted loads of money. So then they just created a really short boomerang video of the spiralizer in action. And they sold out and had to turn the ad off, just taking that ad from a static image to just doing a boomerang on their mobile phone was the difference between the ad.

And selling out. So I just wanted to add that one in there as well, because I think sometimes when people think video, you've got to think editing suites a lot of time to create that kind of stuff, actually with good lighting and your mobile phone and boomerang, you can create something that's kind of fun and quick.

That can be the difference between people scrolling past. And stopping and watching. And that's what we're getting at really with video is it, we want people to pay attention to what we're doing. And we know that all the social media platforms love video. Like there's so many different ways to make video on Instagram.

LinkedIn has video. Now Facebook has video, Pinterest has video. And so kind of ignoring video is not going to be good for your business. So there can be some really kind of quickfire hit ways to just get confident in front of

Bertie: the. Yeah, absolutely. And again, just as something that you just pointed out, that lighting lighting's important as well.

So just you don't need really, really high-end professional gear. So my desk, before I moved, it used to be just there. You can see by the window. So when I used to do video, it used to really nicely, just light at one side of my face. And you have the shadow that now it's behind me. So it's a little bit more awkward to lie, but all I have now, when I say all I have, I do have some nice photos, but they weren't that expensive.

I've got these. That's just sharing purpose. You can see that. That's why we'll change. So I just have a nice buck line dress code for blue now, but I've also got to, if they was here on there, there are just just on white. So this, this, you know, you can create a little bit of atmosphere, so you don't need anything really, really fancy, or just a ring light, but some sorts of light.

If you you're in shadow. Then your video won't look as polished and this is just on a webcam as well. You get much better quality, as I said on your on your phone. The other thing to bear in mind is audio as well. Now, if you're recording video, just like your, your sales and like just talking I just use this very simple tripod, definitely to try pod or somewhere to secure your phone.

If you're at home. But this is like 15 Amazon. It's a self-esteem kind of tripod. So when I'm recording videos just for Instagram or whatever, I will sit this in front of me here and just record. I don't even use a mic, but if you're a little bit further away, he can get plugged in. Mike's quids. For my, for this, I've got this mic that's connected here.

So if you find that your audio quality isn't that good, then get a microphone. So if it's a bit hissy of you sound a bit distant or record, we get a mic. The audio is 50% of your video. And if you're converted to podcasts and things, you need to make sure that it's it's higher quality. So that's a, that's an important tip for you as well.

One of the things do you want to add Debbie, before we wrap up are creating video for social?

Debbie: I think the final thing is just, it's just try stuff out, just get doing stuff. Like you said, like I couldn't ride a bicycle very well. The first time I rode a bicycle, but now I'm quite proficient at riding a bicycle.

So you just got to start somewhere and just give it. Give it a go it's joyful. It's enabling you to build that connection with your customers. And a lot of this stuff that we're talking about is free. You know, everybody has a phone anyway, and a lot of the tools that we've been using, maybe there's a small amount or it's free to get started to just give it a go.


Bertie: Yeah, exactly. Doing this. There's so many tools. I mean, the other things that just to, just to editing tools like Instagram tip top, even if you don't want to post those videos on there, they have really, really good editing facilities. You've got all the filters in there as well. If you're a bit worried about, you know, whatever.

So you can get really, really creative with those, but this then download the videos to your phone and Instagram. Now for subtitling, the subtitles are really nice. They just sort of flash and weird on there. And it's just a very easy. Sticker, isn't it. You can add and then

Debbie: click the

Bertie: caption button. Exactly.

Not everybody has that feature. So I've been told if it's not there just be patient, it will probably arrive soon. And if you don't have it try Instagram threads, which is another version, which is just for creating videos for your your close group, what'd you call it like your smaller group of friends that you can post on stories.

But you can just use that, set that up and get the there's a different tools in there, avenues to main editing. Okay. So that's it for creating editing video. If you've got any questions, you know, where we are, if you want to join any of the courses, get in touch and I will fire you details over Duda. It's been a pleasure yet again, seeing you see you next week, the next week.

Thank you very much.

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