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Planning for Success in 2022 business funsize live Dec 17, 2021

Come and join @bertiecord & @debbiedooodah as we peer into 2022 and start planning for...

Say Goodbye to 2021 business funsize live Dec 10, 2021

In this week's episode Debbie and Bertie as we share our top tips for saying goodbye to the year and reviewing our...

Is Print Dead? business funsize live Dec 03, 2021

In this weeks episode Debbie and Bertie we discuss if print is dead? Does print advertising still work? Debbie has...

The Magic of Upselling business funsize live Nov 26, 2021

In this week's episode Debbie and Bertie as we delve into the magic of upselling! We'll discuss what it is and how to...

Should You Offer Black Friday Discounts? business funsize live Nov 19, 2021

Should you get involved in Black Friday? What are the pro's and con's of discounting your products and services for...

Are You Stopping Customers Buying? business funsize live Nov 12, 2021

Are you unintentionally pushing your customers away? Many of the things that you do, day after day, could...

Dirty Marketing business funsize live Nov 05, 2021

What do me and Debbie hate the most? I'll give you a few seconds.

If you guessed Dirty Marketers, you'd be right!


Building a Business you Love business funsize live Oct 15, 2021

In this weeks episode Debbie and Bertie talk about about how to build a business you love. You get to create a...

Creating Great Habits business funsize live Oct 08, 2021

This week, Debbie and me talk about how to create great habits to grow your business. We all know that habits...

The Secret To Growing Your Business Fast Sep 30, 2021

One of the most common questions I get asked is: “How can I grow my business FAST? What are the best shortcuts...

Fuck Perfection business funsize live Sep 24, 2021

Today's fun-sized treat is about 'Perfection'.

We're conditioned to want to get things right, to be perfect, and to...

Focussing Your Attention business funsize live Sep 17, 2021

We live in a world that constantly shoves information and distractions at us so we can't think. We have more and more...

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