Hello, I'm Bertie Cordingley.


I got a friend of mine named Keith to ask me a few questions, so here they are:

Isn’t this supposed to be a bio?


What about the important stuff I people want to work with you?


Ok fine…


I founded my first business at 14 and have always classed myself as an entrepreneur. From buying and selling at a young age, I was often coming up with business ideas. Running a business and working for myself was the only thing I ever wanted to do.


Back in 2004, I had the idea for ordering takeaway online and made that idea a reality in 2006. The business was called fillmybelly.com. The whole idea was started from nothing. The market was super young, I did not know how websites were built, never hired staff or rented offices. Just Eat were just launching the UK around the same time, and Deliveroo and Uber Eats were not even a twinkle in the eye.


Starting something like that was tough, building a platform that everybody told me was a no go. Even the takeaway owners themselves had no confidence that consumers wanted to order over the internet. Luckily, I didn’t listen to the naysayers, and fillmybelly.com launched and grew to be the 3rd biggest takeaway site in the UK and was snatched up by Just Eat 7 years later.


After the exit to Just Eat, I was going to continue and run fillmybelly.com for a few months as part of the deal. What I didn’t account for was how exciting the landscape was now, already financially secure from the sale of the business, I could now hand on heart say I was working for somebody else, because I wanted to be there.


The months turned to years and I worked with Just Eat in a variety of roles, my favourite leading the teams that acquired further companies. Being on both sides of the deal table was a fantastic experience and working with Just Eat helped me refine many of my skills, as I had access work alongside some fantastic people, I felt I was just learning more and more each day.


During my time at Just Eat I invested in a few companies myself, going on to consulting for and managing them as well.


Over the years, I’ve owned and invested in many businesses and coached and helped many business owners along the way. Some succeeded, some failed.


In every scenario, I was always able to learn, which is one of the critical things I value more than anything else.

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