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If you can relate to the following, working with me could be the spark you need. 

⚪️  Feeling stagnant or stuck in a rut?

⚪️ So engrossed working in your business; you've lost sight of why you started it.

⚪️ Spend all day being "busy" but not getting anywhere.

⚪️ Growth in your business has stopped; even worse is now going backwards.

WTF do I know?

In 2006 I launched the takeaway ordering website Along the way, numerous people (and takeaway owners) told me that consumers wouldn’t want to order takeaways online

After 7 years, this idea which started from nothing grew into the UK’s third-largest takeaway site before being sold to Just Eat. 

I’ve found that what I love most is working with business owners, engaging with their ideas and sharing my experiences to help them get where they want to go. 

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THROB (The Reality of Business)

Real business chat from real business owners without the shiny veneer of "guru" anywhere near it. 

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Business Funsize Podcast

Once a week, we help your business and your personal development as a business owner.

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Paul Chapman

“In short, Bertie is brilliant. A smart and funny individual with a depth of knowledge beyond most business owners.

His experience of growing, selling and running both big and small businesses is unique. Working with him has always been a pleasure.”

Matt Learner

“Bertie is a natural leader on many levels - great with people and numbers, very bright, good head for details without losing sight of the big picture.

He’s an experienced and successful entrepreneur and will excel in a wide variety of leadership roles. I’d jump at the opportunity to work with him again”

Trent Peek

Working with Bertie over the last few years has helped me and my business tremendously. CCM is currently having its most successful year to date over its 21-year history.

In no small part is this to the changes that have been implemented since working together."